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TIM recommends the best buffets in Las Vegas
I found this great list of the best buffets in Las Vegas on  All the credit and copywrite belong to them so I've copied their list below.  I recommend that you go read the ... Read More
A Brand New Day at Saba
Our rebranding is more than just a logo makeover.  In today’s market, for a company to achieve enduring success, it’s essential for its brand to be relevant, authentic and accountable. Our new bran... Read More
Machine Learning: Delivering Personalized Human Learning
The good news is that expectations about learning have evolved for companies and individuals alike; but the bad news is that they are not aligned. Businesses are recognizing the potency of deliveri... Read More
TIM recommends that you think before you post on social media
Las Vegas baby!  HR Tech is just around the corner.  Las Vegas and an HR Conference. What possibly can go wrong???  Lot's of course.  And one of the areas that can go badly wrong, but is easy to co... Read More
Saba Kicks Old School Comp to the Curb: BAM!
Bill was featured on TotalPicture Radio on a topic that’s had him steaming for a quarter of a century: the long broken process of compensation via the merit-pay matrix. In the interview, (watch it... Read More
Las Vegas Fun Facts recommended by TIM
There is a lot of interesting things to know about Las Vegas.  And to help you remember them, I recommend that you keep this list of fun facts I found close to your chest.  You will look good with ... Read More
TIM recommends golf on Sunday in Las Vegas
There are 38 golf courses in Las Vegas.  I know some of you will be traveling to over the weekend so you can play a round on one of these.   I found this great infographic on the health benefits o... Read More

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