Topic: New World of Work

Succession Planning: A List of Don’ts in Developing Global Leaders
86% say it is critical to business success but only 13% feel they do it well. Part of the conundrum is that many companies look at leaders as a small slice of their employee population versus creat... Read More
Allergic to Peanut Butter Compensation?
But that same even-spreading methodology quickly loses its appeal when applied to compensation. In fact, instead of savoring the potential of review and raise cycles, many of the highest performers... Read More
Get Smart on Selection: Criteria for Selecting Talent Management Solutions
After the doldrums of an economic slowdown, organizations are reawakening to the need to change:  the Boomers are retiring and Millennials are entering the workplace; highly-skilled talent, especia... Read More
Word(s) of the Day: ‘Machine Learning’
The talk around HR Tech was all about ‘machine learning’.  Andrew McAfee spoke about ‘the second machine age’ in his keynote (from his book of the same title), and many of the break-out sessions re... Read More
Machine Learning: Delivering Personalized Human Learning
The good news is that expectations about learning have evolved for companies and individuals alike; but the bad news is that they are not aligned. Businesses are recognizing the potency of deliveri... Read More
Saba Kicks Old School Comp to the Curb: BAM!
Bill was featured on TotalPicture Radio on a topic that’s had him steaming for a quarter of a century: the long broken process of compensation via the merit-pay matrix. In the interview, (watch it... Read More
The Power of a Reading-Focused Culture
According to HR Magazine, companies that spend more than $1,500 on an employee’s training per year enjoy margins that are 24 percent higher than those of the competition. Companies see productivity... Read More

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