At the beginning of 2014, the venerable Josh Bersin made a prediction that this year employers will focus more on employee engagement. “As you seek to attract and grow Millenials, you will re-imagine employee engagement in a new, integrated way,” said Bersin. We couldn’t agree more, and with this update, we’ve added several engaging and intelligent features to Saba Cloud:

  • Saba Lists make it easier for your employees to collaborate around their goals and learning activities.
  • The My Team dashboard is now on Saba Mobile, helping managers coach and develop their teams, anytime, anywhere.
  • Review Next Steps. To help everyone get more out of the performance review, TIM is now suggesting next steps such as learning items and mentors.
  • Video Proctoring. While exams are not usually high on the list of ways to raise employee engagement, remote employees will greatly appreciate the flexibility to complete their courses and certifications without traveling. Your company will save some money, too.
  • New Marketplace partners for Learning and Recruiting. Quick access to content can make the difference between success and failure with a learning program. The same goes for background checks in hiring. So in conjunction with our partners, we’ve added on-demand learning content and background checks through Saba Marketplace.  

Before we take a deeper look at these five, please keep in mind these are just the highlights of dozens of new capabilities and enhancements to Saba Cloud. Customers can find complete documentation and training in our customer community.

Saba Lists: Adding Engagement to Goals and Learning
Saba Lists let you group together related goals and learning activities as well as collaborate with co-workers. And keep it all on one page! Simply group the items together and then invite your manager and/or peers to advise and collaborate. Changes are tracked automatically, and Lists can be locked. They are useful in a variety of ways including development and performance plans, tracking activities for your MBOs, and for teams with shared goals so they can work better together.

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Mobile Coaching and Development
Coaching is critical to the success of just about every talent initiatives as employees crave feedback and clarity. However, today more than ever, your managers’ time is limited. Our mobile iOS and Android applications help by letting everyone work when they have time, pretty much wherever they may be. With the Summer Release, managers can now monitor their employees’ progress on goals and learning items and approve class registration requests. With messaging, badges, and Saba Meetings all one tap away, they can engage and coach their team, all while on the go. 

Summer Pr2

Suummer Pr3New and improved TIM, The Intelligent Mentor: More Intelligent Reviews
Hold your applause, but TIM, The Intelligent Mentor has becomeso smart, that he is now a part of your review process! The new enhancement called, “Review Next Steps” has been added to the performance process. TIM, The Intelligent Mentor now gives users recommendations for skills and learning based on their review. Once these recommendations are made, they are auto-generated into a Saba List. Also, check out the shades on TIM. He’s sporting a fresh and hip new look! Oh, and the interface has also been enhanced to be more visually appealing and easier to use. 

Video Proctoring – Enhancing Remote Learning
It’s not just inconvenient to get everyone into the same building just to take a test; it can also be a waste of time and money.  So in order to help complete the remote learning process, we’ve introduced Video Proctoring. Prior to your student starting a test, they will be prompted to turn on video so they can be observed. Their computer is also monitored, so if a window other than the exam becomes active, it is noted. The exam, video and computer monitor are synchronously recorded for review at the proctor’s convenience. Give video proctoring a try, we’re convinced you love it – look how happy that test taker is!

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Saba Marketplace: Extending the Talent Ecosystem
Our Marketplace provides our customers with quick and easy connections to content, services and systems. New to our partner ecosystem this summer are HireRight, the leader in background checks, and OpenSesame, a learning content provider with over 25,000 courses. Saba Cloud customers can add either of these solutions by dragging and dropping the connector onto the integration bar. The set up wizard will ask a few questions and within minutes your company will benefit from these services. 

But wait there’s more! With Workday, Salesforce and other system integrations, we’ve preset default settings based on best practices. If you have custom fields or would like to fine tune the connection, it’s just a point and click to remap fields with our new data mapping tool.

Summer Pr6

These are my top five new features, but definitely check out the Summer Release page to see more of what’s new in Saba Cloud! And Saba Customers, don’t forget to check out the documentation and training in the Customer Community.