Laura Montini (@lmmontini) wrote a great article in Inc Magazine today that is near and dear to my heart: "The No. 1 Recruiting Resource (Hint: It's Right Under Your Nose)". In it she makes a very strong case that tapping into the social networks of your employees will help you find great candidates for your (hard to fill) job openings.

Laura's tips are awesome but they all require active searching and mining of those candidates. It still requires you (the hiring manager and/or the recruiter) to actively look for and review candidates, make a determination of possible fit and then reach out to them.

Wouldn't it be a lot easier if you had somebody do the searching for you and recommend those passive candidates that are a great fit for your job opening? I know, you must be thinking, oh great, another purple squirrel story...  On the contrary.  What if I told you that you can have that today.  An intelligent recruiting mentor that will help you find great passive candidates, both among your current employees as well as external candidates (through an integration with TalentBin), rank these passive candidates based on their fit against the job description and nicely present them to you and your hiring team.  

The solution?  Saba's Recruiting@Work.  The Intelligent Mentor (TIM), uses its powerful predictive recruiting capabilities to recommend internal and external candidates and present them to all the members of the hiring team in a visually attractive and collaborative single view.

If you are looking for an intelligent recruiting solution that will recommend great candidates, and help give you a competitive edge, contact Saba today for more information.