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Get Smart on Selection: Criteria for Selecting Talent Management Solutions
After the doldrums of an economic slowdown, organizations are reawakening to the need to change:  the Boomers are retiring and Millennials are entering the workplace; highly-skilled talent, especia... Read More
Word(s) of the Day: ‘Machine Learning’
The talk around HR Tech was all about ‘machine learning’.  Andrew McAfee spoke about ‘the second machine age’ in his keynote (from his book of the same title), and many of the break-out sessions re... Read More
Confessions of a Millennial
In the Human Resources world, it makes me part of a regularly examined, often referenced, but still wildly misunderstood genre.  I am not just a recent grad and new entrant to the workforce. I am o... Read More
Using a Blended Approach To Deliver Employee Training
Blended learning does not simply mean “multi-media” or “multi-dimensional learning.” Rather, blended learning means making use of multiple learning strategies and delivery media to ensure the most ... Read More
Join Gaurav Mehra at CLO Summit in Mumbai on Oct 9
Saba is proud to be sponsoring the CLO Summit India.  This is our 3rd year of sponsoring this great learning event in Mumbai, which bring together all the Learning and Development industry leaders ... Read More
TIM recommends this Las Vegas check list
The HR Tech conference is next week.  Before you get on the plane, did you pack everything you will need?  Here's a great list of good to know things you should check before printing that boarding ... Read More
TIM recommends the best Las Vegas restaurants for HR Tech
Wining and dining your customers is an art and no place better that Las Vegas to treat your customers to a great dinner.  And thanks to the people at; here's the list of the ... Read More

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