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Oil States improves completion rates and cycle times by automating appraisals

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Oil States Industries Inc. is a leading manufacturer of diversified products for the oil industry. Headquartered in Arlington, Texas, Oil States Industries, Inc. is a subsidiary of Oil States International, Inc., a provider of innovative oilfield products and services with global operations. They have 1300 employees worldwide.


Oil States is a progressive organization that strives for excellence in a demanding industry. After the successful implementation of an automated HRMS/payroll solution back in 2000, Oil States sought to update their process for setting goals and evaluating employee performance. The HR department sensed that employees had become complacent about the existing employee evaluation forms and the overall process. They also recognized the need to improve the timing of their performance appraisal processes as employees' annual merit increases are closely tied to appraisal completion. The objectives of the implementation were simply to overhaul and streamline the process.


A changeover in the HR department allowed Oil States to initiate many web-based changes, including updates to their OSI HR-Portal. The Portal centralizes access to everything from one convenient location, providing managers and employees with access to critical information and tools. Just as they had improved their HRMS/payroll systems years earlier, they now sought to improve their employee self-serve options. The goal was to have employees access their appraisals online, via the OSI HR-Portal.

Debbie Clark, HR Manager at the organization's head office first heard about Halogen Software while attending an Ultimate Software user group meeting. After some investigation into available talent management solutions, she pitched Halogen Performance™ and four other products to her organization. Halogen's solution was chosen for several reasons: its compatibility with Oil States' current UltiPro HRIS system, the configurable workflow, the flexibility in form design, and the software's overall ease of use.

Oil States purchased 1000 licenses of Halogen Performance in June 2004. Clark and her colleagues decided it was time to elevate all processes - to get it right from the start. Managers were formally trained on how to use Halogen Performance and the updated OSI HR-Portal, including accessing employee data, benefit links, healthcare provider and EAP links, online training and now employee performance reviews. Just six months after their initial purchase, Oil States went live with self-service for its managers and employees. This first phase included approximately 300 employees - all those with computer access.


The most notable outcome was the speed in which the performance appraisal process was completed - especially compared to the company's last round of employee appraisals, which started in January 2004 and to this day is still not 100 percent complete. The new web-based process using Halogen Performance has allowed Oil States to get back on track with the timing of their employee performance appraisals and compensation planning.

Clark and her employees love that the performance appraisal forms are available online, and can be changed or updated without having to redo the entire form. Completing appraisal forms online also makes editing faster and easier than their old paper-based process. "There's less paper to review," says Clark. "And it's a lot less daunting a task when it's available online."

Some managers were not convinced of the benefits when the idea was first proposed, but Clark and her team saw the process through to completion. She would now recommend the web-based performance management process to other companies. Those who originally balked now admit they really enjoy the convenience of the new process, especially the electronic signature option and the performance journal feature. The HR department at Oil States found that Halogen Performance allowed them to more easily keep on top of the employee performance review process status without nagging their managers and employees. The managers really love the online authoring aids. The comment helper enables them to provide meaningful feedback and comments, without having to struggle to find 'just the right' words.

Overall, Clark feels the move to the web pushes more responsibility to employees - empowering both employees and managers. Plus the new automated process has freed up time for HR to engage in other important tasks such as redoing job codes, pay structure and job descriptions.

The impact of Oil State's move to an automated employee performance appraisal process has been very positive. Just how much do they like the new online approach? So much so that the company is now moving towards put all its business processes online and Clark plans to roll out another performance appraisal process for all employees later this year.

"There's less paper to review... and it's a lot less daunting a task when it's available online."
— Oil States



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