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TalentLink Enables InterQuest to Deliver an Innovative and Adaptable Recruitment Platform to Its Outsourcing Clients


InterQuest Group's human capital management business is an award-winning specialist staffing, executive search and talent solutions provider. Its four operating brands help organisations to acquire in-demand talent and develop human capital. As part of its evolution, InterQuest has expanded its offerings out into the RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) and MSP (Managed Service Provider) spaces to help organisations stay competitive and differentiated.

A key step in this journey has been InterQuest's relationship with their end client, Ricoh. Ricoh offers a range of professional services and solutions to help organisations excel, and had a specific need to outsource some of their global recruitment requirements. InterQuest chose TalentLink to help them with Ricoh's specific recruiting requirements, and is working closely with them to disseminate the platform through their multiple global business locations.

Business Challenge

InterQuest was looking for a talent acquisition platform that would allow the company to optimise its own recruitment strategy, but also expand and grow its outsourcing offering. This required a solution which had all the necessary functionality as standard, but which could also be adapted and personalised to suit various global and local requirements in the organisations it supports.


As a result of implementing TalentLink into the business, InterQuest has been able to deliver a consistent outsourced recruitment strategy to end clients like Ricoh. The solution was initially implemented into its UK head office, then into Poland and Spain. The plan is now to roll out the system across up to 10 other areas of the business within the next few years.

The specific benefit to clients like Ricoh are the ability to roll out a consistent process across multiple locations, and track all recruitment activity centrally, in real time.

For InterQuest, TalentLink has enabled the company to automate a lot of its processes, and its affliated agencies are able to access roles quickly thanks to InterQuest's ability to communicate multiple roles to multiple agencies in one go.

Leveraging TalentLink to upscale quickly into new RPO clients gives InterQuest a real competitive advantage, as there aren't many businesses in this space with these capabilities.

"Once those different parts of the organisation had seen that it works, and had seen the benefits and consistencies that one part of the organisation was getting, they all wanted a piece of that"
— InterQuest

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