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Quantifying the Value of Informal Learning Investments

To implement high-impact development programs that set your organization apart and keep you competitive, the interest and support of your company's business leaders is critical. In almost every case, your finance and IT leaders are making investment tradeoffs when determining which projects get funded. So how do you convey the importance of the informal learning programs that you want to implement?

Discover a proven model with insights from CFOs and ROI experts for getting your C-suite onboard. You'll learn how to build a compelling business case for informal learning investments that will deliver the hard and soft benefits for investing in high-impact, modern learning programs.

You'll gain insights into:

  • Why informal learning is on the upswing in learning communities
  • How to align your proposed initiatives directly to the objectives of the business
  • The language and metrics that will make your CFO and CEO sit up and take notice
  • Tips and tools for delivering a successful business case presentation

About the Speaker

David Mennie
Vice President - Product Marketing & Strategy, Saba Software

Dave Mennie

David Mennie is Saba's Vice President Product Marketing and Strategy. David leads product marketing, competitive intelligence and partner marketing teams globally with a personal passion for ongoing performance, learning and development, workforce engagement and career management.

David brings more than 20 years of experience to his role, including 10 years as an executive/senior manager in business-to-business enterprise and mid-market product marketing. Other areas of expertise include product management, strategy, software development and channel development.

David earned a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Software Engineering) and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Computer Systems Engineering) at Carleton University. He has been interviewed by HR Director Canada and the HR Happy Hour podcast.

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