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How to Get the Mid-Year Check-In Right

It's Not About the Form, It's About the Conversation

A fundamental building block to redesigning performance management is shifting focus from the wants and needs of HR and the organization (i.e., we need ratings to make pay decisions, documentation for the file, etc.) to a system designed to help employees grow and succeed.

Mid-year check-ins provide an ideal opportunity for manager and employee to “check in” on goal progress, reconfirm priorities, discuss the behaviors, actions and development activities that can help the employee be even more effective in the role, and to decide together what is next for the employee going forward.

In this session, you'll learn how to turn mid-year check-ins into something truly meaningful that will boost performance and build stronger bonds between your managers and their people.

You'll gain insights into:

  • How to use mid-year check-ins to reinforce a culture of ongoing coaching and feedback
  • Key elements of an effective mid-year check-in conversation
  • How to market and promote the value of the mid-year check-in
  • What tools and training your leaders need to get ongoing coaching and feedback right

Watch today to learn how you can use mid-year check-ins to strengthen the manager-employee relationship and to inspire better employee performance.

About the Speakers

Jamie Resker
Founder and Practice Leader for Employee Performance Solutions (EPS)


Jamie Resker, Practice Leader and Founder of Employee Performance Solutions, is a recognized innovator in performance management. She is the originator of the-the Performance Continuum Feedback Method® and Conversations to Optimize Employee Performance training program; tools and training that reshape communications between managers and employees to drive and align performance. Jamie is on the faculty for the Northeast Human Resources

Jodi Bartsch
Senior Strategic Services Consultant


Jodi is a Human Resources professional with a track record of working closely with business leaders at all levels to build HR systems and practices that drive performance and business results. Jodi's experience in Human Resources spans 10 years in both generalist and strategic advisory roles and touches many areas in HR, including performance management, learning and development, succession planning, employee engagement and organizational design. As a Senior Strategic Services Consultant with Saba, she provides expert advice and guidance to a diverse client base, across a multitude of industries, on talent management practices - helping customers develop and execute their strategic talent management practices while also helping them maximize the return on their investment in Saba solutions.

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