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Social Learning Technology: Finding & Fueling Millennial Leaders

In retail, one of the toughest industries to attract and keep employees, Adam Zaller, the vice president at organizational development at Express, is using learning development strategies and systems to do just that - and drive customer satisfaction, employee engagement and personalized leadership development, too. This session will provide context on how Express is using technology to power clearer career development and skill development across its workforce of 24,000 employees. Targeted at the highly transparent, easy access, continual feedback requirements of the millennials that staff most of its stores, this program is bearing value across the entire organization. Today, Express has cut learning and development costs, increased associate engagement by 23 percent and drastically reduced turnover by connecting its team with one another using content from outside the business and with user-generated content and ideas, all of which fuel a vibrant learning culture that is opening up much bigger potential for individuals and company alike.

What you will learn:

  • Different ways to engage and develop staff.
  • Using a talent management system to enable people to explore and take the reins on their own career progression.
  • How learning leaders can pivot from top-down learning delivery mindset to an open, flexible - even opportunistic - mix.
  • How accommodating millennials helps everyone in the business.

Speaker: Adam Zaller Vice President of Organizational Development Express

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