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Enable Ongoing Talent Management with Saba Cloud

To attract and retain your best employees, you must show that your talent management strategy not only drives outcomes for the business but also encourages employee progression and personal growth.

With the modern talent management capabilities in Saba Cloud you can meet the needs of your employees while helping your business deliver the results that matter.

In this product tour

We'll discuss how you can use Saba Talent Management to accelerate hiring, reduce turnover and increase employee engagement. Specifically, we'll show you how you can:

  • Empower new hires with onboarding plans and checklists that provide immediate connectivity to information, training and experts to get things done
  • Improve communication and collaboration across the organization using social communities and tools
  • Conduct regular check-ins to provide continuous coaching and feedback and strengthen the manager-employee relationship
  • Enable employees to create personalized career plans based on their aspirations
  • Provide personal and relevant development plans that combine formal and informal, virtual, and social learning
  • Enable everyone in the organization to recognize everyday excellence through social feedback
  • Leverage talent data collected throughout the year to expedite annual reviews and identify areas for future focus
  • Enable better compensation and merit recommendations with performance data sourced from easy-to-use dashboards and analytics

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