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Saba Pulse 360

Where Talent Management Meets Business Impact

Today's talent leaders seek to make that critical connection between talent management and business outcomes. With Saba's game changing new product, Saba Pulse 360, HR and talent leaders can – for the first time – do just that.

Saba Pulse 360 enables you to quickly uncover trouble areas in your organization so that you can diagnose problems, prescribe actions and fix individual and business performance issues. Now is your chance to learn how this innovative new technology can transform your organization.

In this product tour

We will discuss how Saba Pulse 360 can be used to prove the business impact of your talent programs and investments. With Saba Pulse 360, you can:

  • Continuously assess both employees and the organization in real time
  • Gain instant insight into hot zones, problem areas, and opportunities
  • Take action to prescribe and tune talent programs
  • Measure the impact your programs have on both individual and business performance

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