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Inspire an Engaged and High-Performing Culture

Make Performance Reviews Relevant Again

Saba's 2017 State of Employee Engagement report revealed that less than half of employees believe their company's performance management process is helpful when it comes to improving individual or business performance. So how can Halogen Performance, now known as TalentSpace Performance as a part of Saba, help you ensure your employees get the continuous feedback, direction and development they need to be engaged and productive?

In this product tour

Our product experts will show you how you can use TalentSpace Performance to:

  • Transform your employee performance review cycle into a collaborative, ongoing and strategic process
  • Facilitate effective 1:1 meetings between managers and employees — a proven driver of employee engagement
  • Align individual and organizational goals to finally connect performance to business outcomes
  • Analyze performance data to identify, develop and retain your superstar employees
  • Simplify the performance review process with flexible performance appraisal workflows

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