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High-Impact Performance Management

Rethinking Performance Management

Many industry-leading companies have ditched annual performance reviews in favor of informal check-ins and continuous coaching, contending that traditional performance management processes don't really meet the needs of the modern worker. But even if your company isn't ready to scrap annual performance reviews, modernizing performance management through the use of technology can help you boost employee engagement and accelerate achievement.

In this product tour

You'll discover how you can implement modern performance management practices with Saba Cloud. Our product experts will show you how you can:

  • Foster a culture of continuous coaching and feedback to elevate performance
  • Recognize everyday excellence through social impressions, leaderboards and badges
  • Create performance-driven development plans for individuals or teams
  • Configure your own performance review forms and cycles to simplify performance management
  • Leverage powerful reports, dashboards and metrics to assess performance strengths and gaps

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