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Create a Feedback Culture

Almost every company worries about employee engagement. The truth of the matter is, you cannot maintain a positive employee experience without listening to your people on a continuous basis and enabling your people to easily send and receive feedback.

In this video, we show how Saba TalentSpace has the tools to get you there. We make it easy for employees to share and receive in-the-moment feedback. From their desktop or mobile device, employees are empowered to connect with each other and share everything from kudos to coaching. Saba TalentSpace also offers powerful pulse surveys so that you can easily, consistently and comprehensively gather insight on key engagement metrics across your organization. We analyze the results and deliver them to you in a report that is easy to understand, so that you can focus your energy on taking action. Let us show you how to improve the employee experience from the ground up by creating a feedback culture.

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