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Modernizing Corporate Learning - The Time Is NOW

Engage learners, improve individual and organizational performance

Most organizations are struggling to keep their workforce productive, engaged and delivering on corporate objectives, while also dealing with changes in globalization, demographics and technology. With little help from the economy, the challenge is immense.

Transforming and accelerating talent development is a big part of adapting and capitalizing on market pressures. But how?

The solution: modernize corporate learning

Progressive organizations see a modern learning strategy as a big part of the solution to these market pressures. The focus here is on delivering personalized, just-in-time learning experiences that put people and teams in the driver's seat of their own development — learning on their own, from you, and from each other — all while connected to and delivering on business goals.

Modern learning encompasses a variety of learning strategies. Organizations looking to update their approach to talent development should consider the five keys pillars of modern learning:

  • Collaborative and Social Learning - Enhance formal learning and encourage knowledge sharing and instruction
  • Mobile Learning - Add flexibility, convenience and just-in-time access to courses, job aides, and informal learning resources
  • Content and Delivery - Engage learners with gamification, simulations, user-contributed / user-generated content, and virtual classrooms
  • Predictive Learning - Personalize learning programs and experiences with the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Cloud-based solutions – Enable L&D and talent leaders to focus on content, delivery and interaction rather than system maintenance

In this eBook you’ll learn how adopting these modern learning practices can support higher employee engagement and retention, as well as help build a more agile and higher performing organization.

You'll gain insights into:

  • The top three reasons to revamp your learning strategy
  • Five modern learning strategies to guide your way
  • Tips and resources for creating a more people-centric approach to learning and talent development

Today's employees have high expectations for their organization's learning and development programs. Download this ebook to learn how a more modern and people-centric approach to talent development can help your organization adapt to market shifts and retain top talent.

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