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Build a High-Impact Learning Content Strategy

High-Performing Organizations Use These 4 Strategies to Drive Positive Business Outcomes

Organizations focused on driving positive business outcomes know that their people are their greatest asset. And smart learning leaders understand that making learning accessible and meaningful drives individual, team and organizational performance.

Research by IDC and OpenSesame shows that high-performing companies who connect learning to business performance experience:

  • 38% gain in productivity
  • 30% gain in employee retention
  • 21% gain in engagement

So how do learning leaders ensure their efforts align with organizational priorities? It's all in the strategy.

Build a Learning Culture with an Effective Learning Content Strategy

In this guide, you'll learn how your learning content strategy can positively impact performance, productivity and engagement.

You'll gain insights into:

  • Four key elements of an effective learning content strategy
  • How to use learning and performance management best practices to drive learning outcomes
  • The outcomes high-performing organizations achieve when connecting learning to business performance

Download this guide to learn four key strategies for creating a learning content strategy that drive business outcomes.

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