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10-Minute Performance Check-In Conversation Guide

Your guide to Speedy 1:1 check-ins that optimize employee performance

Your managers and employees' time is valuable. And in today's fast-paced work environments, it can be challenging to convince managers that ongoing performance conversations are essential.

The good news is that performance conversations don't have to be lengthy to be effective. In fact, managers and employees can have valuable, focused performance conversations in just 10 minutes, which means everyone can find time to have at least one performance conversation each month.

The key to getting managers and employees on board with ongoing performance conversations is streamlining the process so that it's fast, efficient, and results-oriented.

Get Started With Fast and Efficient 1:1 Meetings

Saba has created a conversation guide for managers and employees to help them prepare for – and conduct – a valuable performance conversation in just 10 minutes. In this worksheet-style conversation guide, you'll get:

  • Instructions for preparing a productive two-way conversation
  • An organized structure for capturing ideas and making note of key successes and challenges
  • Conversation starters to guide performance

Start implementing more frequent and effective 1:1 performance conversations with this handy guide to keep your people focused and on track. Download your 10-Minute Check-in Performance Conversation Guide for Managers and Employees today!

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