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Talent Acquisition for the Modern Workforce

Talent acquisition is the process of engaging, recruiting and onboarding the people your organization needs to meet skill and labor requirements, now and into the future. But gone are the days when hiring managers could post a job requisition and wait for the applicants to pour in. Modern recruitment strategies need to go beyond simply filling job vacancies. Instead, the focus should be on creating an engaging candidate experience, from the very first touchpoint through to onboarding and beyond, and taking a more strategic, proactive approach to addressing the company's human capital needs.

As talent shortages loom and global labor markets remain competitive, the need for an engaging and personalized candidate recruitment strategy becomes increasingly important. Hiring managers, HR leaders and recruiters alike all know that building a candidate journey that is simple, intuitive and insightful is the key to a successful talent acquisition strategy.

And creating a better talent acquisition experience means making improvements to various parts of the process, from candidate relationship management (CRM) to applicant tracking and onboarding to your recruitment software. More specifically, these improvements might entail:

  • Delivering a personalized candidate experience
  • Enhancing direct sourcing strategies
  • Utilizing video and other innovative technologies in the recruitment process
  • Increasing and proving the ROI of recruitment advertising spend
  • Optimizing applicant tracking systems and processes
  • Implementing a digital referencing strategy
  • Building great onboarding experiences
  • Introducing recruitment analytics that prove the impact of your talent acquisition efforts

Whether you are an in-house talent recruiting operation, a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) provider, or a managed service provider (MSP), you need a talent acquisition strategy that is adaptable and unique to your requirements.

Deliver the Ideal Candidate Experience

We know that talent shortage is a real issue in the current market. Almost three quarters (72.8 percent) of employers are having a difficult time finding skilled candidates and 45 percent are concerned about finding employees with the necessary talents, according to the ManpowerGroup 2018 Talent Shortage Survey.

As talent acquisition becomes more about the candidate experience and less about organizational process, recruitment technology has to adapt and respond. An effective talent acquisition process always keeps the user at the forefront, resulting in an end-to-end acquisition cycle that is simplified, intuitive and results-oriented for all stakeholders involved.

It's how high-performing organizations break through the noise to meet complex recruiting requirements – whether that entails volume recruitment, global/local deployment, building a better employer brand or increasing internal talent mobility. The result is a more engaging candidate experience, improved candidate relationship management and smoother recruiting and onboarding processes.

The key to a Successful Recruiting Strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to building the ideal recruiting experience. Every candidate possesses unique perceptions and behaviors when it comes to the hiring process, and there are many paths a candidate might take to find the job that's right for them. That's why you need a recruitment solution that is personalized to each individual user – whether that be the recruiter, candidate, hiring manager or another stakeholder. Technology should support the people that use and engage with it.

In this Talent Acquisition Center of Excellence, you'll find a collection of resources and tools that will help you develop an integrated, end-to-end talent acquisition strategy to more effectively engage, recruit and onboard the people your organization needs, today and into the future.

Optimize the Candidate Experience With Recruitment Technology

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