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Next-generation performance management

What is next-generation performance management?

Performance management is no longer a once-a-year activity that is separate from your organization's strategy. The next generation of performance is an ongoing process that is part of your company's unique business rhythm.

The world of work is changing rapidly. Gone are the days of one-and-done appraisals, set-it-and-forget-it goals, and don't ask/don't tell feedback. Today's leadership and HR teams know that their people want an ongoing understanding of their performance and their connection to the organization's goals, better communication with their managers and peers, and an investment in their growth and development.

The benefits of next-generation performance management

  • Improves communication and trust between managers and employees and drives meaningful performance conversations all year round
  • Drives outcomes by connecting individual goals with organizational goals, for better engagement, connection and ongoing accountability for business performance
  • Makes continuous feedback a part of organizational culture upwards, downwards and peer-to-peer - so employees understand what's working well, and what they can do to be more successful
  • Supports employee development and career progression by connecting employee strengths and areas for improvement and growth with continuous learning experiences and support
  • Recognizes and recaps achievements and summarize performance at any interval that suits business needs

Keys to success

This Center of Excellence provides the articles, tools, tips and best practices to help you make next-generation performance management a reality in your organization.





Next-generation performance will help you develop an ongoing performance management cycle that fits your unique business rhythm, reflects the individual needs of employees and drives the results that matter to your organization and your people.


Not sure where to begin your next-generation performance journey? Check out our free eBooks, templates, webinars, sample forms and how-to articles for help setting up and maintaining your next-generation performance management process.


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