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Green Building Council of Australia aligns goals and builds employee engagement with Halogen TalentSpace™

Launched in 2002, the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) is a national, not-for-profit organization driving the adoption of green building practices across the country. Its mission is to develop a sustainable property industry in Australia. The highly influential organization works together with industry and government to encourage policies and programs that support this mission.

With its small but rapidly growing workforce spread across Sydney, Melbourne and various locations around the country, the GBCA recognized the need to implement a talent management system that would align its people to its strategic goals and create a high performance culture across the organization. In particular, the GBCA wanted to foster employee engagement and retention; translate HR metrics into actions that would advance the strategic objectives of the organization; and decrease the administrative burden of talent management processes.

"We were looking for an online performance management system to replace our previous paper-based appraisal system and help us meet five key objectives," says Emily Lawton, Director, Human Resources, GBCA.

These key objectives included:

  • Facilitating formal performance feedback for employees on a regular basis;
  • Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) for all employees and allowing them to track their own progress against deliverables;
  • Enabling KPIs to cross-reference the organization's five year strategic plan, so that responsibilities can be allocated and training and development goals established;
  • Implementing a simple, user-friendly performance management process that would simplify the review cycle and encourage higher completion rates; and
  • Reporting on performance ratings and KPIs between teams and across the organization.

Since implementing Halogen Performance™, the GBCA has been able to:

  • Create a transparent and fair performance management process that builds engagement and trust
  • Build a corporate culture that embraces high performance and corporate key values
  • Link employee performance directly to corporate goals
  • Increase engagement among employees
  • Decrease the administrative burden of performance reviews

Halogen voted most user-friendly

When it came to selecting the right talent management system, Lawton says Halogen Performance won hands-down for its ease of use. "Each of the systems we looked at could cover our basic requirements, butwhen I was assessing Halogen against the other systems, it was by far the most user-friendly. When I shared my findings and recommendations with the GBCA's Executive Team, and Halogen presented at a meeting, they agreed that this would be the best and most cost-effective system for our needs."

User-friendliness was critical to supporting the GBCA's goals, because the organization wants its employees to be able to track their own KPIs and take ownership of their professional development. "No one will use a system if it's too complicated, but the way the Halogen system is laid out, it's very easy to find your way around," says Lawton. "Each time you reach a stage in the process, the system tells you exactly what it is you need to do. Everyone is always commenting on how easy it is to use."

Building employee engagement

Enabling employees to track their own progress against deliverables has provided the GBCA with a powerful goal management tool, ensuring each employee is working to move the organization forward.

"The ability to report on KPIs has been very valuable because it gives us consistency in the way they're set and measured across managers and teams," says Lawton. "By linking individual KPIs to our strategic goals, we can also ensure all of our strategic goals are being covered by various employees or teams."

For new employees, the Halogen solution is facilitating formal feedback from managers throughout their six-month probationary period. "The probationary review ensures the manager sits down with the new employee, provides feedback, and works with them to set their KPIs and development goals, which get assessed within the regular review cycle."

Lawton adds that the employees seem to appreciate the ability to complete their own ratings and comments on their performance, particularly in relation to their KPIs. "The employees can make sure the manager is aware of everything that they've achieved," she says. "This also encourages them to take ownership of achieving our strategic goals, and this fosters a true sense of engagement."

Employees take ownership of professional development

The Halogen system also promotes engagement by enabling employees to take ownership of their professional development. "Very often, employees take a passive approach to their professional development, believing it's up to the employer to take the lead," says Lawton. "Having a system like Halogen means employees can take more ownership, because they have a record of their development goals and they can report on what they've done to achieve them. You can definitely see more engagement coming from this capability."

In addition, Halogen helps the GBCA set developmental goals for the organization itself, helping them to identify gaps and training needs.

Exceeding expectations

"I get a reference-check call from someone looking to implement Halogen at least once a month and I would definitely recommend the system," says Lawton. "I tell them Halogen is very user-friendly, the implementation process was smooth, and overall it has more than met our expectations."

"When I was assessing Halogen against the other systems, it was by far the most user-friendly."
— Green Building Council of Australia


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