Social Learning

Das optimale Lernrezept für Ihr Unternehmen

Die Social-Learning-Plattform von Saba People Cloud erfüllt all Ihre Anforderungen für formelles und informelles Lernen. Das Social Learning Management System (LMS) von Saba People Cloud verbindet das weltweit führende LMS mit einem preisgekrönten Business Social Network und versetzt Ihr Unternehmen dadurch in die Lage, von einer wirklich agilen Lernlösung zu profitieren. Ein gemischtes Lernangebot hält die Teilnehmer bei der Stange und vertieft das angeeignete Wissen. Bersin & Associates bestätigt dies mit einer Studie, die eine Rendite von 700 % bei der Investition in zusätzliche Lernmodi nachweist.

The Leading LMS

The best Social LMS software handles the most demanding learning needs with robust support for both simple and complex learning programs across multiple owners, instructors, and groups of learners. Easily track completions and certifications.

Accelerate social learning management with video channels

Accelerate Employee Performance With Blended Learning

Combine instructor-led, self-paced, virtual classroom, mobile and online forums in a single seamless learner experience.

Visually track learning, certifications, and skills development

Elevate Learning Effectiveness With Social Communities

Form social groups for each class so learners discuss and debate the content outside of the virtual classroom.

Social skills development lets employees track their progress

Build a Social Learning Enterprise

Eighty percent of learning happens outside the classroom. Use Saba's Social LMS to scale these activities across your company, letting users contribute their documents and insights to your People Cloud. Following others, finding groups of interest, and of course the search function help you find what you need, when you need it.

Social recommendations help you follow relevant disdcussions and coworkers

Learn On the Go With SPC Mobile

Business doesn’t stop because you’re out of the office. Saba's mobile LMS client keeps learners connected and engaged wherever they may be.

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