Saba products help your company succeed in today’s competitive, chaotic business environment. Our next-generation talent management solutions that not only help you manage and train your employees, but also increase your business’ agility.


Learning@Work is leading integrated learning management system with innovative capabilities in every aspect of learning including certification and compliance, learning e-Commerce, extended enterprise, mobile, social and virtual learning.

  • Improve business agility and employee productivity through targeted skills development
  • Drive top-line growth by cultivating know-how across the global enterprise
  • Unleash innovation by enhancing formal and informal programs with social, mobile and collaborative learning tools
  • Cut costs and risks with automated compliance processes
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Align, appraise and accelerate employee performance with Saba Cloud’s comprehensive performance and goal management product.

  • Align employee efforts and make sure your people know how important they are to your strategy
  • Simplify and automate performance reviews
  • Identify, reward and retain top performers
  • Accelerate achievement with continuous coaching, feedback and development
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Connect your people strategy to your business strategy. Planning@Work helps you manage every aspect of organizational and workforce planning.

  • Gain critical insights into all of your workforce information
  • Create business agility by aligning organizational structure and people to business strategies
  • Streamline the management of large and small transitions
  • Mitigate personnel, financial, and legal risk
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Informed, engaged and empowered people will do great things. Improve not only learning programs and talent processes, but also your company’s bottom line with more efficient teamwork and greater employee engagement.

  • 30% improvement in access to information and experts
  • 20% lower costs for communication
  • 25% improvement in employee satisfaction
  • 15% increased productivity
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In today’s chaotic business environment the knowledge, skills, and abilities of your leadership are moving targets. Succession@Work gets the right people in the right jobs for better business results. 

  • Comprehensive insight into your entire workforce — know all your high potentials and rising stars
  • Easily develop bench strength for key positions
  • Greater retention and productivity across the workforce as employees take ownership of their personal development
  • Time savings for Human Resources with innovative and intuitive succession and development tools
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With advanced screening and comparison tools, automated sourcing of active and passive candidates, and integrated onboarding, Saba’s recruiting solution helps you find the right people and make them successful.

  • Win more of those top candidates by speeding up your process with automation, mobile approvals, and video interviewing
  • Find the best candidates by enabling your employees to easily tap into their social networks
  • Source better candidates and improve hiring decisions with patent-pending predictive recruiting tools
  • Accelerate time-to-productivity for new hires with personalized learning plans and goals as well as an online community
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