• Wir haben uns für Saba entschieden, weil dies die einzige Plattform auf dem Markt ist, die sowohl Talent- und Lernmanagement als auch soziale und kollaborative Komponenten umfasst.
    - NextLab Ventures Group
  • Wir geben Benutzern – Kunden wie auch Mitarbeitern – die Gelegenheit, ihre Lernprozesse eigenständig zu verwalten.
    - Alcatel
  • Durch die umfassende Funktionalität von Saba können MIX-Mitglieder ganz nach Belieben interagieren, ohne groß über die Tools nachdenken zu müssen.
    - The MIX
  • Saba beeindruckte uns nicht nur durch die Qualität der Lernlösung, sondern auch durch die Geschwindigkeit und Kompetenz bei der Implementierung.
    - Procter & Gamble
  • Mit der Saba-Plattform optimieren wir die Lernprogramme in unserem Unternehmen und erzielen eine gute Rendite für Hitachi Data Systems.
    - Hitachi Data Centers


Corporate university for 230,000+


Sberbank is the largest and oldest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe. They are embarking on a corporate and cultural change, evolving their brand to a modern, cutting edge institution that encourages talent mobility and global learning. Learn how they chose Saba to build Virtual School of Sberbank – a corporate university for more than 230,000 employees working with more than 70 million retail clients around the world.

Die Herausforderung

Thanks to recent mergers, purchases and growth, Sberbank faced an unprecedented challenge and opportunity to enable its expanding workforce and transform itself into a unique and diversified financial institution. They needed to eventually support more than 70 million customers and a team of more than 230,000 employees and 18,000 branches across a dozen countries.


  • Launch a corporate university platform, known as the Virtual School of Sberbank (VSS), a powerful modern learning platform with integrated social collaboration, assessment. interaction, training and learning, to all top managers in three months
  • Grow membership in the first year to 36,000 users including all top and middle managers
  • Provide centralized learning to promote best practices and innovation across an enormous and diverse population needed to establish on-boarding processes, skills enablement, and the right tools to do this more effectively
  • Deliver continuous education anywhere, anytime from mobile iOS and Android devices, easy online collaboration and work across branches, geographies and levels
  • Provide full reports and statistics to employees and management to control, measure and adapt the learning process
  • Produce and distribute extensive multimedia content including compulsory education, self development content, a competencies interactive development guide and the Sberbank Library Knowledge Test


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